need help to install mappoint

Microsoft MapPoint

Hi All,

When I install MapPoint I got the following:

You cannot install Microsoft mappoint North America 2004 over a network
unless you first perform an administration installation. For more
information about administration installation of Microsoft Mappoint North
Amarica 2004 see the Deploy Microsfot Mappoint North America 2004 over a
network Help topic, or read the readme file on the Disc.

I dont' know where is this administration installation, please help me
If your not sure on how to do an admin install .. do the following

1. Create a shared folder on a network server you want to install/share from.
2. Set up permissions for users to see and read the folder.
3. Get the CD and install using the SETUP.EXE /A .. this is an admin install.
4. Follow the prompts and install as normal.
5. Tun the Setup.exe FROM THE NETWORK SHARE to the client machines.

Hope this helps