mappoint 2004 + c#

Microsoft MapPoint

Hi ,
I'd like to start working with the component of mappoint on c#
but I don't know how ?
which methods , etc ...
please help !

We're here to help, but you need to be a bit more specific about the
area where your problem is.

Do you have trouble with C# programming ? Do you have problems using
COM components in C# ? Are you using Visual Studio .NET ? Did you
check out the online help, more specifically "Programming Information
/ Working with the MapPoint object model / Getting started with the
MapPoint Control" ?

Gilles [MVP].

(Please reply to the group, not via email)
Hi ,
I geuss I need a code example to start working with
thins component,
so if you can send me some lines ( written in c# ).... just to roll on

I've never had to resort to this abbreviation here, but in your case:

Outstanding Gilles!