Upgrade "grace" period

Microsoft MapPoint

We just purchased Mappoint and received the 2002 version.
This is within the past 3 weeks. When was the 2004 version
released and are we eligible for an exchange to upgrade at
no cost?

Eric Johnson
Looked good, but if you try to use form on that website to upgrade the
2002 European version, they'll only send out the upgrade to 2004 North

Back in August when I bought Europe 2002, Microsoft UK denied all
knowledge of a 2004 Europe version - I still have the email....


Richard Marsden
Winwaed Software Technology
Gilles should be able to find someone to clarify the position for upgrading
the European version.

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I hope so :-)

One problem is that I'm in the US, and Microsoft don't officially
distribute the European version in the US. Eg. Amazon UK refused to
ship the 2002 version.
I found a distributor in the US that sold it; but eventually bought it
from Grey Matter (in the UK) who were more than happy to FedEx a copy!

Even though I only have the European version, I wonder if the 2004 US
upgrade (ie. via the URL you posted) would still work? Ie. would that
give me Europe 2002 and US 2004 on the same machine? That could be
useful - then I could buy a full version of Europe 2004 when/if my
customer decides to go for this.


Richard Marsden
Winwaed Software Technology