Show map of 1000 points quickly

Microsoft MapPoint

After creating an application to integrate MapPoint I have reached the
following conclusions:
- If you need to calculate the path that has many points as well as 1000
oRoute.Calculate () takes a long time to calculate. The advantage of this
technique is that it can obtain the addresses on the itinerary. (But this
option is not viable)

- If I use the option to import items from a file is much faster, but
drawing the line when calculating mediate a polyline I do not see the

Someone knows another way to get more speed at the time of displaying a map
with the addresses?
In my database stored coordinates

Thank you very much.
Finding a route between two points is a non-trivial problem. MapPoint
(and other routing applications) can only do it in a reasonable time
(typically less than a second) due to various heuristics and optimizations.
Multiple that up to 1000 route segments, and you should see that it will
take a long time to compute...

So you have to live with that taking a long time.
But it sounds like you are actually trying to achieve something else,
but I'm not sure what?

Richard Marsden
Winwaed Software Technology LLC