PushPin Tool v.2.4

Microsoft MapPoint

I purchased version 2.4 of PushPin Tools this fall so I could export
lattitude and longitude coordinates to an Excel file. I also wanted to have
more pushpins available than the small selections of pushpins available in
MapPoint 2009.

Exporting the coordinates worked great, but I didn't have much luck with the
extra pushpins that 2.4 offered. I would select a pushpin and get a
completely different result.

Anyway, I bought MapPoint 2010 today and want to know if it is safe to
install PushPin Tools v.2.4 Even though MP2010 finally offers plenty of
pushpins, I still need the ability to export lattitude and longitude
information to an Excel spreadsheet.
I'd think that it should, however... I think you should ask the tool author

Thanks for the repsonse. I did ask the software manufacturer last night.
Their (John Meyer) response was that they hadn't tested it yet, but that
they didn't know why it wouldn't work and they haven't received any reports
of it not working.