MapPoint 2009 Freezing constantly

Microsoft MapPoint

Greetings all. Hoping someone here might have seen and know how to resolve
this issue. We have several corporate users, mostly Franchise Sales Reps,
using MapPoint '09 to track Franchise locations by Zip Codes, so that they
know what areas are covered and what aren't. When they try to edit the maps,
or sometimes just opening them even, the program is freezing, and then
crashing. Event Viewer shows the following:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: .NET Runtime 2.0 Error Reporting
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Date: 11/9/2009

User: N/A
Computer: **************
Faulting application mappoint.exe, version, stamp 487d24a6,
faulting module mfc80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, stamp 457133cf, debug? 0,
fault address 0x0005e8b9.

I've tried searching all over for this error, and we've tried the hotfix at, but to no avail.
Additionally, we've tested '10 on a virtual PC, and replicated the same
error message. The biggest problem is, the issue isn't easily duplicable,
and appears to be semi-random, so I can't even relate an exact sequence of
steps for replication and troubleshooting.

Needless to say, we're a bit stumped at this time, and I could use some help.

Thanks in advance...
.NET sounds a bit strange for MapPoint.

Do you have any MapPoint add-ins installed?
As far as I know, no, unless the Office integration that is presented as an
option when installing it counts. It's been a direct install off the CD with
no additional files, downloads. I was thinking about trying it on the
virtual system without the Office integration, but with the randomness of the
messages, I'm not sure that would prove much if it didn't error out.
However, after your response, I think I'll at least give it "the old college
A bit more information: One of my users who's been having major issues just
contacted me indicating the problem repeated. I went to her computer and the
problem wouldn't repeat again. While present, I checked the program and
there is nothing listed under the COM Addins.

User has a 2.53Ghz Dual Core, with 3.5G Ram, and a 6.1G Paging file.
Paging file isn't the full 2.5x that I prefer to have, but it is over the
1.5x that is often quoted that the 'rule of thumb' for workstations.
I'm not sure what to suggest. It sounds like there might be something
corrupt in a data file or one of the install files, possible?

Although the latter is tempting, it would be difficult to explain why it
was happening on multiple PCs. (eg. bad memory or a bad disk sector
could give some odd symptoms a bit like you're describing, but they'd
only apply to one PC)

It's been a bit since I touched this, sorry.
We've tried installing both over the network, and off the original CD.
Neither process makes a difference. I'm suspecting it's more of a case of
too many users using too many maps and causing corruption in those. We're
going to try the SQL Connection option and see if running with the maps saved
as SQL Databases will work better.
You say "I'm suspecting it's more of a case of too many users using too many
maps and causing corruption in those.".
How can this be the case since MapPoint should be installed on the user's
PC. Are you somehow sharing the mapping data? if so then how?
I ask because we have done hundred's of MapPoint installs on Customer PC's
and have never had any issues with MapPoint Freezing.

I think you need to describe EXACTLY how your system is working as there is
another factor which we are missing.


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