Change Color of Legend in MapPoint 2004

Microsoft MapPoint

Is there a way to change colors of the legend. I am trying to put together a
map using the colors of a traffic light. For example, zips performing poorly
are red, zips performing on average in yellow, and zips performing great in
green. Also, is there a way to change the order of the legend (other than
highest to lowest or lowest to highest). For example, I want a legend to be
Yes, Neutral, and No without changing the aforementioned names.
I know that the last dataset modified is the one that gets top position
and its name can be changed by right-click ... properties.
Perhaps I'm not seeing this problem clearly. Hmm.
Thanks for your response but I must not have explained clearly. Assume a
very, very simple county map of NJ. Each county has been assigned a "Yes" if
we want to market to the county, "No" if we do not want to market to the
county or "Neutral" if we are indifferent. As I mentioned in the initial
post, I want to put the "Yes" counties in green, the "No" counties in red,
and the "Neutral" counties in yellow. Initially, I wanted to know if it is
possible to assign the aforementioned colors to the legend. There is no
green to yellow to red color scheme. Once I realized I wasn't smart enough
to figure out how to assign my choice of colors, I decided to use the red to
white to blue color scheme. My problem then was that I could only sort the
“Yes”, “No”, and “Neutral” from first to last or last to first. Therefore, I
was never able to line up “Neutral” to yellow. My workaround was to change
the underlying data to misspelled “Nueatral”, which falls between “Yes” and
“No”, and then change the label to the proper spelling. Both choosing colors
using a palette and customizing the order of legend items are available tasks
in other mapping software I have used, but I don’t see these abilities in
MapPoint. I am hoping that I am missing something.

Oh, that.

If you're willing ...
send your map to me and I'll return, at no cost to you,
a map with the colors you require as a 36" x 42" pdf
that you can then print at your local printer.
Michael, your information is helpful and your willingness to produce the map
for BostonRebel is great, but it doesn't help me with this same question.
Can you tell me how I can change the color schemes in map point. Our map is
showing up with different shades of green, but I want shades of blues and
reds. Can you help me on this one? Andy
Hi Andy,

Blues and Reds!!!!? :)

What I do in such circumstances is print to pdf,
extract the bitmap, and replace the colors.
Within MapPoint, this functionality is not available.
Thanks Michael, now I know the whole truth!
If you could possibly use Territories, then you can assign a color to each
county as needed.

...or if you don't need shaded area map display, use a custom multiple
pushpin or shaded circle mapping scheme, assigning a numeric value to each
condition. (1=yes, 0=no, -1=maybe)