Microsoft MapPoint


how can I read info contains in the BallonState of a
is it possible on MP 2002? on MP 2004?


If you want to get the BalloonState itself, check out the BalloonState
property of the PushPin object.

If you want the text contained in the balloon, check out the "Note"

Gilles [MVP].

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Well, thanks for your answer, but it doesn't help me a lot.
The balloons have a name that I can get with the property, a note with objpushpin.note.
Before running my VB program, I have put my Pushpins,which
they comes from Excel,on a map. And I added more
information like a city name. Now I don't know how to read
it from VB.
Is it possible in MapPoint to put something on a balloon
that will be readable with VB?


the "Note"

What I do is to create a custom object that has multiple properties. One of
these properties is the a PushPin object, while other properties represent
the other data that I want associated with the pushpin. Then, I keep all of
these object in a collection for easy retrieval and manipulation.