Average Speed

Microsoft MapPoint

I am using MapPoint ver. 2009. In "Options", the speed choices are "Average"
or "Average" plus or minus 5, 10 or 15%. The help file specically states that
this is average speed and not the speed limit. In ver. 2004, the speed was
specific. Well, what is average speed? Without being able to set a specific
speed on various roads, how do I know the accuracy of the time of a trip? My
average is 14 mph over the speed. What's yours?
I would just take the defaults and then adjust if you find out for a specific area that you need to adjust it..

If you are doing a single trip and just want to double-check if it's accurate - try some different online sources: Yahoo! Maps,
MapQuest, Maps.Live.com, etc.

By the way, there's a tool you might like for being able to set it like it was in MapPoint 2004..